Dr. Douglas Haghighi has been at Internal Medicine Associates LLC since 2007

Originally from Ohio, Douglas Haghighi, DMD, MD has been practicing gastroenterology in Alaska for thirteen years. 

He received his DMD from Harvard School of Dental medicine and received his MD from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Throughout his college experience, he has received many awards such as, The Commencement Day Speaker Harvard Medical / Dental School and the AGA Fellows Forum Award, to name a few. 

Dr. Haghighi has had many specialized experiences in Gastroenterology and he treats all aspects of digestive disease. Dr. Haghighi continues to expand his specialized expertise and has readily demonstrated a commitment to lifelong learning and pairing this in alignment with what our Alaskan community needs.

He will tell you that when he was younger, due to a bad overbite, he had oral surgery. After that first-hand experience, he decided he wanted to be an oral surgeon and help others the way that he had been helped. Dr. Haghighi’s father was a Cardiologist and he held great admiration for the profession, including the ability to provide the absolute best care to patients. After two years of performing oral surgery, he decided to adjust his career path from dentistry to practicing medicine in the Gastroenterology Specialty. 

In his career, the best advice he ever received was from one of his mentors at the Cleveland Clinic and high school teacher. His mentor told him, “Listen, it’s always something and it’s always going to be something. Stay focused on the task at hand and persevere in life.” And his high school teacher stated, “Proper planning prevents poor performance.”

Dr. Haghighi’s favorite part of being a physician is getting to know the community and his patients. He understands that they are coming to see him with gastroenterology issues and is here to help solve the multifaceted digestive issues that many people face. Dr. Haghighi is a “hands on” physician and understands the importance of his patients and the communities’ quality of life. He states, “If you need to get something done, then get it done because it impacts patients’ quality of life.” 

A few fun facts about Dr. Haghighi: he loves pugs and exercises frequently. He is a big sports fan and loves the Cleveland Browns! He watches football, baseball, and basketball. His most famous quote around the office is, “In life take the stairs. The stairs are free, if you don’t then you may pay a hefty price” and “Remember, everyone has a pink colon – can’t we all get along?”