Dr. Kimberly Houghton has been at Internal Medicine Associates LLC since 2019.

Originally from Arizona, Kimberly Houghton, MD has been practicing Gastroenterology in Alaska for over 5 years now.

Dr. Houghton attended Medical School at Georgetown University School of Medicine. From there, she completed an Internal Medicine Residency program at University of Michigan Health System, and Gastroenterology Fellowship at Henry Ford Health System, serving as the Chief Fellow. In her time as Chief Fellow, she served in a leadership and mentorship capacity, as she recognizes how powerful physician leadership is within this field.

During her fellowship, Dr. Houghton also received special training in complex liver disease, irritable bowel disease, and motility disorders. She was recognized as a hand hygiene champion by the Henry Health System during her fellowship.

Dr. Houghton originally wanted to be a veterinarian until the age of thirteen when she began volunteering at a local humane society. There, she experienced the heartbreak of coming back the next week and realizing a dog she had been caring for was put down. It was then that she arrived at the resolve to pursue a career in medicine. She aimed to be a physician who could play an active role in quality health outcomes, offering solutions and support to her patients where possible, and putting forth her substantial educational background and expertise to use in serving her community.

In her career the best advice she ever received was, “Whatever you do, do the best you can for the patient so that you can always sleep well at night.”

Dr. Houghton understands that gastroenterology is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. She recognizes that there is a mind-gut connection that we do not fully understand. While “perfect” may not always be achievable, there can always be a better by taking slow steps to improve health and quality of life.

Dr. Houghton was a collegiate softball pitcher, loves to bake, has two golden retrievers and, loves to take on home renovation projects. Dr. Houghton has always loved the mountains and looks forward to Nordic skiing, kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding in Alaska.