Dr. Steven Inge has been at Internal Medicine Associates LLC since 2009.

Steven Ingle, MD has been practicing Gastroenterology in Alaska for the last 11 years. He grew up in Anchorage Alaska, and returned once he completed his medical training to serve the Alaskan community.

He attended Medical School at the University of Maryland, Graduating Magna Cum Laude. From there, Dr. Ingle completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and then went on to complete his Fellowship in Gastroenterology. He has also published several publications on inflammatory bowel disease.

When he was a kid, around nine years old, he decided he wanted to be a doctor. His dad was a surgeon and his mother was a nurse. He was exposed to the medical field at an early age, which influenced his decision to become a physician.

In his career, the best advice he ever received was from Dr. Woodward, one of his professors in Medical school. Dr. Woodward told him, “90% of the time by listening, you can get the diagnosis of a patient” and “to enjoy the little things and enjoy the times you aren’t busy.”

Dr. Ingle appreciates a collaborative approach when treating his patients, he listens, takes their opinion and preferences into account, and bases treatment on evidence. Beyond this, Dr. Ingle is an advocate for physician leadership in our healthcare community, serving both on Internal Medicine Associates Executive Committee and also the GI EMTALA Call Coordinator for the GI physician community in Anchorage.

Just some fun facts about Dr. Ingle he is “obsessed with mountain biking and fat tire biking.” He also has a very keen interest in history and photography. Dr. Ingle’s undergraduate degree is in the history of science. He is a dedicated sports fan, and might seriously advocate for changing our office décor to support his team, the 49ers, if we let him. When not working, he enjoys adventuring in Alaska, spending time with his daughter, and telling the staff all of his now infamous “dad jokes.”